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The Competition

This competition was designed to be fun and bring the community together in an awesome atmosphere!  The Wall St Plaza in Downtown Orlando Boasts 8 bars and restaurants and they're all ready to serve you the best drinks and dishes your thirsty hungry asses could ask for!

Is the Competition challenging?  Yep!  Teams of 3 Same Sex competitors will battle it out for the top spots in three Divisions of Beginners, Intermediates and RX athletes but don't forget to use your drink tickets!!!

Date: 03 February,2018
Time: 11:00 am - 08:00 pm
Location: Wall St Plaza

  •  Warm-up area provided
  •  This is an outdoor event; it is highly recommended athletes bring tents and/or canopies to provide shade for in-between heats
  • You will have space to set up your tents in the park
  • Athletes or Spectators may not bring alcohol into the Wall St Plaza area
  • Wall St Plaza will be offering event Drink and Food specials
  • Free for Spectators
  • Apparal, food  and alcohol vendors


SATURDAY February 3rd

All athletes compete on Saturday, Check in at 10am 

12;00 pm: First heats begin.

Awards ceremony and closing remarks will begin at approximately 8:00pm

Divisions & Movements

(all standards are working weight:)

Snatches 65/45
Deadlift 135/95
Cleans 75/55 
Shoulder to Overhead
KBS 35/26
Hand Release Push-ups
Abmat Sit-ups
Single Unders

Clean and Jerk 135/95
Snatch 115/75
Shoulder to Overhead 115/75
Deadlift  225/155
KBS 53/35
Box Jumps 24/20
Rope Climbs

Double Unders

Clean and Jerk  185/135
Snatch 155/105
Shoulder to Overhead 155/105
Deadlift 315/205
KBS 70/53
Box Jumps 30/24”
Bar and Ring Muscle Ups

Double Unders


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